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Pop queen Seysei is releasing her new upbeat love song ‘Infinity’ on November 13, 2020. The track holds you with an ethereal mix of classical piano and soft vocals that take off into an electronic galaxy dance party. Seysei’s powerful vibrato and complex runs defy gravity. Her animated lyric video is an extraterrestrial adventure filled with pink constellations, skateboarding aliens, and lollipop planets. Tangentially, Seysei takes us on a personal journey that interweaves fun, feminine, and futuristic themes.


Her new release is an ode to rekindling love that is as infinite as the universe. Seysei wrote ‘Infinity’ while healing from an abusive relationship.“I was angry at what love did to me, but I'm a hopeless romantic, so I never want to let that piece of me go” said Seysei in an interview about her new song. Seysei wrote ‘Infinity’ after realizing that despite her experience, she still holds a passion for romance. Through the lyrics of Infinity, Seysei explores the fantasy of fusing together with another person that also values a forever kind of love.  


The intergalactic themes saturating ‘Infinity’ are also inspired by the spiritual. “I love space because it's the unknown and to me it's the most beautiful mural made by the supernatural.” Seysei’s connection to the divine has been an infinite constant in her life. “When I went through all this adversity in my life, I still felt like God was holding on to me.” It was this spiritual connection that allowed Seysei to fall in love with love again and write flirty upbeat songs.


‘Infinity’ is the last of four singles before Seysei transitions to a new phase of music making. “I am excited to explore my roots and who I am more, which is an unexpected collection of things.” Seysei has roots in India and the tribal culture of Nagaland. She is excited to infuse her multilayered experience into her music “and create something that doesn't have a label, it just is what it is. Even though I have a wide mix of diverse cultural influences, what's most important to me is that my music represents me,” she says. In the meantime, follow Seysei on Facebook and be the first to listen to her track on Spotify.