The Indian pop artist’s debut track “Call Me ‘Baby’” announces the presence of a fierce new talent (Dallas, August 2018; source: CultureHype)

Seysei is used to fighting. It’s in her blood. The singer comes from a long line of warriors that are part of the Naga warriors--an ancient Mongoloid race that hails from the Himalayas foothills between India and Burma. The Nagas have a storied history of freedom fighting, and are most known for their victorious battle allying the British against the Japanese during WWII. Abigail Nakhro, known as her music moniker Seysei, who is part-Naga, part-Indian and a product of an untraditional Naga- Indian marriage, carries that same warrior spirit into the studio, and the rising star has lofty goals in mind when it comes to her music.

“Being a young Naga-Indian, it is my mission to bring understanding between these two groups that have a lot of enmity against each other,” she says. “My talent, and my music, will be my platform.”

That platform is about to get a little bigger with the debut of her single, “Call Me ‘Baby.’” The song is all about the effect that a single word can have on a duo’s love connection.

“I really wanted an upbeat love song that reflected my mood on how I feel at the beginning of a relationship,” she says. “That first time he calls me "baby" makes my heart skip a beat.”

The song, a fun fusion of pop, synth, EDM and hip-hop, is sure to make a few hearts skip, too. Seysei paired with up-and-coming El Paso producer Andoren--a match-up that proved quite harmonious.

“I told him my vision for it--my love for dance, hip-hop and layered synths--and it unraveled from there,” she says.

The product of their hard work drops soon, unveiling a new star who will fight her way to the top of the charts-- and into your hearts. Just don’t be surprised if they skip a beat.

Call Me ‘Baby’” will be available for purchase on iTunes and streaming on Spotify on Friday, Aug. 31. For more information about the artist, please “Like” her on Facebook here:



– Dallas- based producer Corbin Winkfield (Maya Piata)

“Seysei is an insanely gifted artist/musician with a beautiful spirit and a strong character. Her music carries a powerfully relatable message for women of all ages and boldly reaches across cultural boundaries.”

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